Tuesday 31 December 2013



Have you got some dandelions in your garden and you are thinking of going to the store to buy some chemical poison to get rid of them so that it doesn't spoil your lovely lawn?
Why don't you eat them instead? You will find dandelions growing everywhere in spring and throughout the summer and early autumn. So if you are camping and you go for a walk in the fields, have a look and see if there are some dandelions around.

The leaves are edible and tasty with a slight bitter taste to them!!

I normally take a knife and cut it near the root. I leave the root in, so that I could get another crop. By leaving the root in, the plant remains alive. (Of course if you want to clear your lawn from them, pluck them by the root).
If they have flowered, throw the flowers away but if they have already seeded, take care so that  the hundreds of little seeds will not spread everywhere. You want leaves that are big enough and still tender. Note: the older the leaves are, the more bitter they are.

Boil them for 10 minutes and then change the water. Boil them for another 10-15 minutes, adding some salt in the water, and they are ready. You must change the water to get rid of the bitterness.

Dress them with olive oil and lemon and serve as a side dish. They are a great companion to fried or BBQ fish.